Millennials' Paradise is a way of living.

Every dream needs to start somewhere, that somewhere is here. My full name is Kenneth, but I go by Kenny. I came up with the concept of Millennials’ Paradise while on vacation in Belize where I found myself waking up in a beach villa one day. I thought to myself, “why not live here full time..” Then I stepped outside with that same idea and saw what could be a great coworking space, community kitchen, and community garden area. The idea was born in paradise, and well as a serial and life long practitioner in being a “millennial” the name just kind of stuck the moment i heard it spoken.

I myself am a real estate investor, with a focus on transforming already built spaces into places that are desirable places to live. I carry this same mindset into MP, I truly love being creative and thinking through all aspects of design.

Where are we at now?

Currently, we are searching for the first resort community location. A new way of living.

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